What is Affiliate Marketing & how to start affiliate marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is one of the methods of digital marketing which is very popular at this time. You can also earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing.

How do they understand at the instance of an example –

For example, Ramesh has a plot or piece of land and he wants to sell it. Now Ramesh will have to go to the Property dealer to sell it.

Property dealers, property sales, and buy are professionals and they have similar contacts.

They can sell Ramesh’s plot easily. In order to sell Ramesh’s plot, he asks Ramesh for commission or brokerage. This is Affiliate Marketing.

How can I start its affiliate program? 

Companies reduce the coast of advertising of its product by giving its affiliate program because, in advertising, the company has to pay the full amount of advertisement,

But in the affiliate program, many people can join the affiliate program of the company, and when the product will be a sale by this affiliate program then the company will give commission after that.

And all Affiliate Marketers advertise the product with social media or other platforms. Having a good Affiliate Earning, Affiliate Marketer also Paid Advertisement at their level.

Since it is the era of online millions of online products are being sold, online product selling companies also offer Affiliate Program to sell their product.

Who can join the affiliate program?

Any person can do Affiliate Marketing, and join this Affiliate Program but some of the conditions of the above company also have to be fulfilled.

For this, you should carefully observe and understand the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program of that company.

Affiliate Marketing you can do by following ways-

  • Social Media Account
  • Blog / Website
  • YouTube Channel.
  • etc..

What is Affiliate Earning?

This is the best way to earn passive income online.

Whoever wants to do Affiliate Marketing, can join this Affiliate Program and can sell that product of that company and can take their commission.

That commission given by the company is called Affiliate Earning. 

What is social media marketing?

Publishing or selling any product on Social Media (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, etc ..) is called Social Media Marketing.

There are many options for Online Product Selling like –

Online Advertisement Platform-

  • Google Ads 
  • Facebook Ads
  •  YouTube etc…

There are some free tools available you can use it –

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Facebook Post, Facebook Pages & Facebook Messenger
  3. Instagram posts
  4. Twitter
  5. Email Marketing
  6. WhatsApp Messages

5 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Programs –

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S.No. Hosting Affiliate Program Join
1 BlueHost Click Here
2 Bigrock  
3 Hostinger  
4 Siteground  
5 Namecheap  

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing  | Make Money Online with Affiliate Program-

There is the world’s best affiliate marketing program list you can join and get 30% to 70& commission. 

These affiliate program also gives you recurring income. 

S.No. Digital Product Affiliate Program Join
1 SEMrush  
2 Shopify  
3 ActiveCampaign  
4 LiveChat  
5 Teachable  
6 Aweber | Email Marketing Tool  
7 TubeBuddy  
8 GetResponse  
9 SocialPilot  
10 Improvely  
11 Leadpages  
12 LongTailPro  
13 ConvertKit  
14 Instato.io  
15 ClickFunnels  

Top 5 Best Product Selling Affiliate Program

S.No. Product Affiliate Program Join
1 Amazon  
2 Flipkart  
3 GearBest  
4 Banggood  
5 Snapdeal  

Best Top 7 Travel Affiliate Program- Join  and earn money  by Affiliate Marketing

S.No Travel Affiliate Program Join
1 Make my Trip  
2 Skyscanner  
3 TripAdvisor  
4 Booking.com  
5 Airbnb  
6 Oyo Circle  
7 Travelguru  

If you are a blogger or website creator then first you have to select the niche of your site. Then after according to your website niche, you have to choose an affiliate program.

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