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There should be something in the business card background that you can attract to whomever you give it to.
Often when we get a simple-looking business card, we see it and through it in the dustbin. if it is not of much use to us, but we often keep an attractive card in our wallet.

You can create your unique professional identity by designing a professional business card.

Creating attractive cards can be great for our business. So in this post, we will learn how to make an attractive business card.  What are the things to keep in mind while making it?

Do you know what to keep in mind while making a business card?

Business Card Background Must Contain The Following Information

In a business card, there should be a short description so that your client can understand it very easily. Be sure to include the following basic information in your business card

  • Company  Name and Representative  Name
  • Company Logo
  • Business  Name or Type of Service
  • Contact Numbers
  • Email Id
  • Website Address
  • Business Address & Location

What should be the size of a business card?

By the way, you can get the card made according to your need. you can keep its size according to your need but there is a standard size which everyone follows. Most business cards of a similar size are created in the United States, Canada, and India.

Business card background
Business card background

The standard size of a business card is – 3.5″x2″ Inches.

Visiting card/ Business card size in cm ( Centimeters ) – 8.9 x 5.1 cm (centimeters) or 88.9 x 50.8 mm (millimeters).

Use the following business card  background patterns

To make an attractive card, you can use different types of background patterns. For this, you can use the online site and download the pattern from there. Now we will tell you which is the best website from which you can download and design amazing business card background.

Cards  Background Colors And Images

First of all, you have to see whether you have to make a business card of only one color or use multi-color on it.

You can use the same color on the business card or you can use different colors too. Many times it depends on the logo design of your company or also on the color of the logo.


Business card background
Image- Business card background

If you do not want to use any color then you can also create a white background business card or black business card background.

Cow Print– Cow print background color is also a very popular business card background color. In this color, the background is white with some black shadow on it, like a cow.

Cloths with Cow print fabric are very popular because they look very stylish.

Cheetah Print- Cheetah Print or tiger face print is a very stylish and popular background pattern. Mostly cheetah print background used in dress, wallpapers, shoes, etc.

With the use of background images or patterns, you can create a beautiful business card.

Most Used Visiting Card Background Colors And Images

  • Blue Background,
  • Pink Background,
  • Rainbow Background
  • Grey Background
  • Orange Background
  • Yellow Background
  • Light Blue Background
  • Gold Background
  • Glitter Background
  • Valentines Day Background
  • clouds Background
  • Floral Background
  • Brown Background
  • Ocean Background
  • Easter Background
  • Dark Blue Background
  • Hearts Background
  • Valentines Background
  • School Background
  • Classroom Background
  • Black and Red Background

How can I make business cards online for free?

If you are creative then you can create custom all types of online business cards. There are some websites and apps where you can design your own business card for free. It’s very easy, all samples are ready to use.

Create a card in a simple way to fill your data and choose templates of invitation. You have to edit here some data/text, logo and you can change the background color and patterns as you like. There are many creative designs for you.

You can create, customize, share, scan, and manage business cards all in one place. E-business card, Digital Business card, or Virtual Business card, these all are a digital form of a business card which can be created via mobile app or a website. it is easy to use and costs no harm.

These cards can be virtual cards, you can print them with the help of a printer.

The websites and apps are –

Canva App and Website

Canva makes design and video editing amazingly simple. You can create a  business card, stunning logo, poster, video collage, and photo grid even if you are not a design expert.

Card Creator & Make Card – Business Card App

This app is very easy to use. You can create an easy and fast business card with this app. You can download this app from Google Play Store for free.


Vecteezy is also the best popular site to create business cards. There is 58970 royalty-free vector graphic and clipart matching “Business Card Background”. You can also create photos and videos for free.

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