How To Earn Money From URL Shortener | Highest paying URL Shortener 2021

Earn Money From URL Shortener

There are many methods to make money online. The Earn Money from URL shortener is one of them. Yes, now you can earn money by URL shortener here in this article we talk about the URL shortener and learn how to make money by URL shortener.

What is the URL Shortener and how to use the URL Shortener?

Earn Money From URL Shortener
Earn Money From URL Shortener

What is a URL?

The “URL” stands for Uniform Resource Locator. This is the web address or an Internet address for a website. A URL is generated by HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), Website Domain Name, webpage Name (Part of Page Title), Post Category. Consists of dates etc.

For example this website URL-

How can I find the URL?

Whenever you browse a website in the browser, you can see the URL of that website in the search bar.

Top 3 Best Link Shorteners  | Highest paying URL Shortener to Earn Money From URL Shortener 2021

There are many websites for link shortener but which is trustworthy and which is the highest paying URL shortener?  We suggest you after our research. You can work here and make money from a URL shortener.

1. LINKVRTISE.COM – The Best earn money from URL shortener site

Linkvryise is the best popular and highest paying platform. Basically, this is a German company.  Registration is very simple and free.

Linkvrtise registration
Linkvrtise Registration Demo

How to make money by The Linkvrtise

  • Signup Bonus – By Free registration, you can 2 $ here. When you register here you will get  2$ in your  Linkvrtise account.
  • You can Refer to new customers & your friends.  When you refer this program to your friends you will get  5% of their incomes.
  •  You will get lifetime commissions and you can make passive money.
  • Monetization of your website. Choose the banner ads (  Banner Size  -728 x 90, 468 x 60, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, 250 x 250, 200 x 200, 300 x 600, 160 x 600, 120 x 600 )
    to add to your blog/website. Select and copy the HTML code and paste this code to your website’s  HTML area.
  • Linkvrtise provides Advertising material for YouTube videos. You can use these short clips in your video and the link in your YouTube video description.

The minimum payout is 2$ and the maximum payout is 10$. You can set an Automatic monthly payout.

You have to follow program policies, guidelines & rules of Linkvertise, otherwise, your account can be disabled.

Affiliate URL- Get 2 $ after  Free  registration  –Free Registration


The payment method is weekly and monthly. The minimum payout is 5$. You can get money in your PayPal, Paytm. pioneer and bank transfer or you can get Bitcoin or other digital currency.

Shortzon pays for India – 1.5$  per 1000 views. For conditions, you can visit the site.


You will be earned by 1000 Views. Per 1000 views for different countries the payment is different and it also depends on f visitors’ devices.

The Signup Bonus is  1 $ and the payment frequency is daily. The minimum payout is  5$  Daily Payment.

Payment method is  Bitcoin, PayPal, Wire and Bank Transfer, etc.

3 Best Link Shorteners to Earn Money Online | Highest paying URL Shortener 2021

You can also use these 3 best link shorteners’ sites to earn money online.




Make Money Online By Link Shortener and Earn up to 100 $ per day | Highest Paying URL Shortener 2020

A short link is used mostly for advertisement.  You can share this short link to your social media account like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. When a visitor visits this link or clicks on this link they reach out to other sites or sees ads. By this process, you get money.

SKRIL is also the best platform to make money online by a link shortener. Basically, this is a money wallet, You can do money transactions by using this wallet. Just create an account here and verify this account.

SKRIL also pays you money according to your link/ads viewers. It can be approx 1.5$ per 1000 views. The minimum payout is 2$ here.

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