How To Download YouTube Video In Mobile 2021- YouTube Video To MP3

Download YouTube Video
Download YouTube Video

How to download YouTube video – YouTube is Google’s largest online video platform. Peoples upload millions of videos on YouTube every day and millions of people watch videos on YouTube.

Here you will find different categories of videos. You can watch all kinds of the latest music videos, movies, gaming videos, cooking videos, etc.
Let us know in detail about YouTube videos.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is Google’s video platform. Peoples create videos, upload on YouTube by creating a YouTube Channel and share on social media platforms.

If you don’t know how to create a YouTube Channel then click here –

How to create a YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel –

YouTube is a free video platform and here you can create a free YouTube Channel.

It’s very simple to create a YouTube channel. Just log in by your Gmail id and some easy steps.

Through YouTube channel monetization you can make money online. You can create different types of videos for upload to  YouTube channels but you have to follow all rules and policies of YouTube.

New YouTube Videos Features

Its provides you videos with many features. most of them are-

YouTube Video Share –

The video-Sharing features allow you to share a video on all your social media accounts like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Like & Dislike YouTube Videos-

Your likes and dislikes show the popularity of YouTube videos. YouTube here gives you the freedom to-  If you like any YouTube video, you can like it by clicking on Thumb Symbol and if you don’t like it, you can dislike it.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe YouTube Channel-

If you click on subscribe to any YouTube videos, it means whenever this YouTube channel upload any new videos on this YouTube channel you will get notifications about the video on your mobile or any devices you are using.

How to Download YouTube Videos –

YouTube does not allow anyone to download all videos but some of the videos allow you to download and gives you some extra features Through which you can also watch YouTube videos later.

YouTube Video Save and Watch Later Features-

You can see the option of  “Watch Later” and “save” below the YouTube video, whenever you watch any video, and if you want to watch this video again later or any unwatched videos-

Then click on save or watch later options.
Whenever you want to watch this video, you do not have to search on YouTube. You can click on the option “Library” given here.

you will get the option of “watch later”.  After click on this, you will find all the videos you have selected in watch later.
But to watch the videos selected in watch later, you will need internet. Without the internet, the “watch later option” will be disabled.

Search Watch History YouTube Videos-

You can also watch the videos you watched in the past by clicking on the search watch history in the library option.

Download YouTube Videos-

Some videos allow you to download the videos. just click on download and this video will be saved on your YouTube account,  You can watch these downloaded videos offline without any internet connection.

If you want to download the YouTube videos on your mobile device or SD card storage you have to be a premium member of YouTube.

Some selected countries/regions are allowed this feature.

You can download MP4 files if it’s you have uploaded this.

How to convert YouTube video to MP3- Use YouTube MP3

If you like the music of a video on YouTube and you want to download only the music, then follow the simple steps-

  • Click on the share option below the video.
  • You will get the link to the video, copy it
  • Now go to this site- YouTube MP3
  • Paste this link here
  • Select the format
  • Click on Convert
  • YouTube video will be converted to MP3 and you can download it on an SD card also.
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