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Referral Program is a process to grow the earning of a company or any type of service. it is a very easy system to increases the number of customers.

What is the Referral Program & How can start a Referral Program?

A recommendation to consult the company/service/ person or group to whom one has been referred is called a referral program. In simple words just introduces someone to any company/service/person.

referral program

In this process, the company gives you a commission, called referral earning.

It is a very simple system for earning money. By this program, increase the earning of a company /’s so simple then affiliate marketing.

There is no need to invest money in this program and any persona can join this program.

It can be of two types –

Online Referral

In this program, a company launched a referral program by website/Apps/ social networking sites, etc..

website/Apps/Social networking sites give us a referral link/referral code and this link we share on our social networking sites/ accounts. Our friends, relatives, followers go through links and get that service/product or just signup we earn money.

referral program image2
Referral Program Image 2

This is all an online process. In that process, we get a commission. There are many apps and websites they give us a referral program we can just signup here and in our profile/ account section we can see our referral link. We have to share this link on our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp groups.

Offline Referral

It is a simple and easy program.  You have to just introduce someone to a company/services. You can earn cash money by that. For example a property broker/ house rent/To-Let service.

Top 10 Best Referral Programs 2020 | Join & earn money by referral-

S.No. Company/Apps/Website Referral Signup Link/Referral Code
1 Adsetra Ad Network Join
2 Grofers  Fmcg Shopping Site Join
3 Bigbasket Join
4 Join
5 MakeMy Trip Join
6 Goibibo Join
7 Uber Join
8 OLA Join
9 Paytm Join
10 Mobikwik Join


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