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Web Traffic Monitoring is the most important thing if you have a website. So how to do monitoring of website traffic  & why this is so important for us, we will discuss here?

First, we will know about web traffic.

What is Website Traffic Monitoring?

Web traffic is the number of web users/visitors visiting a website in a period. It is also called “SESSION” in the blogging language.

Monitoring of the web traffic is called “Web Traffic Monitoring”.

By traffic monitoring, we can know all about web traffic channels, locations, user devices, etc…

And we can know how much web traffic is coming on a website in a day, weeks, few months, and year.

Web Traffic Monitoring
Web Traffic Monitoring

What Are The Benefits of Website Traffic Monitoring or Website Analytics?

It is very important to monitor web traffic and there are many benefits of monitoring web traffic. By traffic monitoring, you can know about all users-

Numbers of Users | SESSIONS

  • You can know how many visitors are visiting your website’s page, posts and you can also know which article or post is getting high traffic from your website.
  • Website realtime Monitoring
  • Unique visitors from Search and returning visitors also we can check by monitoring traffic web.

Channels | How To People Found Your Website-

The channels show that traffic comes on your website from which platform For Example-

  • Organic Searches
  • Direct Searches
  • Social Media Platform
  • Internet Marketing/Referral
  • Advertisements etc…

Know more about How to increase organic traffic on a new website.

Location or Country of Users | Demographic Details-

With this feature, you can know how much traffic is coming to your website and from which country or location.

Which makes it easy to target the traffic of any country.

Users Information-

  • Age Category
  • Sex- Male or Female
  • User Device Category
  • Average Engagement Time Per User on website/blog

Now the is the question of how to check website analytics?

So, there are many web traffic analytics tools available with the help of them we can monitor website traffic. Some of them are-

Top 7 Best Website Traffic Monitoring Tools | Website Analytics Tools-

  1. Google Analytics
  2. SimilarWeb
  3. SEMrush
  4. Moz Keyword Explorer
  5. Bitly
  6. Ahrefs
  7. Tag Explorer

Google Analytics, Similar Web, Tag Explorer is a free website analytics tool for use. Other web analytics tools you can use for free with some of the limitations.

Google Analytics Tool is best to analyze a website. it is absolutely free. This is Google’s product so you can trust it.

We’ve created a detailed video explaining everything you need to know – Click here

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