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Copyright free images

Copyright Free Images are images that we can use in our blog or video, and Google or anyone else does not claim to copy that image.

When you create a blog or video, you need a lot of images for it, and you search these images on Google and download and use them in your video or blog. It is wrong to do so.

These images are the property of someone else and people upload these images on  Google through their blog. They have ownership of those images. We can not use these images in our blog or videos until they give us permission.

The biggest problem in front of a blogger is, from where he will find copyright-free images for his blog, which he could use in his blog.

How to download copyright-free images at Google and how to use Google images?

Many images are available on Google. But we can only use some images in our blog in those images. How to search and download these images, here are some screenshots that you can follow step by step –

Step-1, Search an image at Google which you want to use in your blog- Here for example we are searching an image of the sunset.

Google image search
Google image search

Step-2, Click on Images for an image search

image search
image search

Step-3, You can see here your search result, there are many images available. now an image which, you can use in using your blog, that image you have to filter here-

Step-4,  Click on setting and then after clicking on Advanced search, according to the screenshot-

images advance search
images advance search

Step-5,  The advanced image search page is in front of you. There are many options in that you can set and search an image like – Image Size, Image color, Image Format,

Copyright Free Images
advanced image search

Step-6,  You can see here the last option is- usage rights  click on it – select -“Commercial and other licenses” and click on “Advanced Search”

Copyright Free Images
usage right

Step-6, Now those images available which you can use in your blog or website. Right-click on the image which you want to use and click on save as, and save to your computer.

So that is the simple way to use google images without copyright issues in websites, YouTube videos & thumbnail.

There are many websites available, you can download the copyright-free images for your blog or website here. The best websites are –

Top 20 websites for copyright-free images | How to download copyright-free images

S.NO. Copyright-free image websites
8 stocksnap.ip



Before downloading an image please check-

This is free for commercial use?
Did attribution require or not?
Crediting required or not?

How to create images?

Online There is many image creation websites available, with the help of which you can create images for your blog/website. is one of them.


You can create beautiful designs, images & custom dimensions for free. There are many ready-to-use templates available you just edit and use.

You can create images here for-Facebook Page, Instagram post, Twitter, YouTube Thumbnail


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