Mosquito Killer | How to Make a Home Made Mosquito Killer Free

Mosquito killer is used to killing or repelling mosquitoes. As the rainy season begins, mosquitoes breed all around and spread deadly diseases like Malaria ( Plasmodium Infection ),Chikungunya ( CHIKV )  and Dengue ( Breakbone Fever ) .

Make a Home Made Mosquito Killer Free
Make a Home Made Mosquito Killer Free

Mosquitoes breed more in urban areas due to the accumulation of dirty water in drains. Mosquitoes breed only in dirty water, It does not grow in clean water or running water.

Friends, Let’s know what is the way to kill  mosquitoes and how can we make mosquito killer at home and keep mosquitoes away-

Mosquito bites cause serious diseases like malaria and dengue. It is very important to stay away from them.

Different Types of Electric Mosquito Killer

To kill or drive away mosquitoes, different types of mosquito killing machines are  available in the market, Like-

Mosquito Repellent Machine-

You will easily get this machine at any general store near you. It has a refill which is filled with liquid insecticide. When heated by the machine this liquid files as smoke. Mosquitoes run away from the smoke.

Mosquito Bat / Mosquito Racquet-

It is in the shape of a badminton or bat but you can not play badminton with this. it has a 400 mah charging battery, which can be recharged. You will get it for around Rs. 400-700/-.

It has a voltage of 3,500 DC Volt in its net when It’s touched by a mosquito, the mosquito dies instantly.

Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps 

It comes with 365nm wavelength UV lights. This light attracts mosquitoes, and it kills mosquitoes and flying insects.

Dead Mosquito’s body is stored inside the trap box of the machine. Just remove the mosquito trap box, throughout insects’ bodies and clean it.

How to Make a Home Made Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes run away with the smell of mosquito killing liquid. You can buy this Mosquito killer machine at any general store near to you.

It’s smoke can be harmful to humans. It is also very expensive, if we use continues this refill  (day and night), then it becomes empty in just a few days, while the company claims up to 30 days, so it is very expensive.

To avoid the side effects of chemicals, here are some home and natural remedies, with the help of which you can drive away mosquitoes from your home and it will also be very cheap and will not be harmful to health.

Kill Mosquitoes With The Smoke of Neem ( Azadirachta Indica ) Leaves

Neem is a very useful tree, It has many medicinal & pesticidals properties.

How do you burn Neem leaves for mosquitoes?

Method 1 –

Take an iron pot and put some dry wooden sticks in it, now put Neem leaves on them and burn them and also put some wet Neem leaves on top. When the burning fire is extinguished, only the smoke remains.

Keep it in your room and close the room door for some time. After some time, while the smoke in the room will be filled with smoke and mosquitoes will run out and die as soon as you open the room.

Friends, keep in mind that there is a fire in it and keep it away from the reach of children, this smoke can also cause irritation in the eyes.

Method 2-

If you have empty refill of any Mosquito Repellent Machine, it can be useful.

For this, break fresh Neem leaves and grind them in a mixer and give a piece of this liquid to the camphor, which is used for worship, now put this liquid in an empty refill and put it in Electronic Mosquito Killer and use it.

Mosquitoes run away from the smoke of camphor and Neem leaves.

Home Made Mosquito Killer By Lohaban oil  ( Frankincense / Gum Benzoin  )

It is a solid yellow colored material, which is used in worship, it is a fragrant gum and is very cheap (only 10 -15 rupees) and is easily available at any worship material shop near to you.

Frankincense is also used for making many types of medicines.

It is believed that if frankincense incense is burnt in the house by pouring it on cow dung cakes, then there is no homelessness in the house and there is peace in the house.

Method –

Frankincense is a solid substance, to make it oily, 2 to 3 tea spoons of mustard oil has to be heated in a bowl, then in hot oil, pieces of frankincense have to be put and stir a little, it will dissolve very easily in this oil.

Here it is to be kept in mind that frankincense also catches fire, so you have to take care that turn off the gas and after that put pieces of frankincense in hot oil and in this way frankincense oil will be made.

Now take an onion and peel it

Apply frankincense oil on the onion with the help of a cloth or cotton.

Now hang this onion with the help of a thread anywhere in your room.

Mosquitoes will run away from your room due to the smell of onion and frankincense, you can use this onion for three to four days and as soon as its smell subsides, apply frankincense oil on the onion or use a new onion.

Kill mosquitoes with turpentine oil-

Put turpentine oil in the refill of the old or used Mosquito Repellent machine in your house, put a piece of camphor in it and put it in the machine, because of its smell, mosquitoes will die.

Make Mosquito Killer from Neem leaves and Camphor and drive away Mosquitoes

Put neem leaves and camphor on any burning cow dung stick and burn it, mosquitoes will run away from its smoke immediately.

So friends, with the such of home remedies, you can kill mosquitoes and you can also save money.

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