Hostinger vs Siteground | Which is better hosting hostiger or Siteground ?

Hostinger vs Siteground, which one is the best hosting service provider? We will be comparing here the basic plan of the hostinger & Siteground hosting providers.

Hostinger vs Siteground
Hostinger vs Siteground

First, we will check what is the basic plan of the hostinger and Siteground hosting service providers

Hostinger vs Siteground | Best hosting plan

S.NO. Key Features Hostinger  Siteground
1 Website 1 1
2 SSL Certificate ( HTTPS )
3 SSD Storage ( Disk Storage ) 10 GB 10 GB
4 Addon Domains × ×
5 Parked Domains × ×
6 Subdomains 2 ×
7 Free Domain × ×
8 Automatic Daily Malware / Virus Scan Unknown Unknown
9 Email Accounts 1 Email Account 1 Email Account
10 Backup × Daily Backup
11 RAM 256 MB Unknown

Billing Cycle-

Billing Cycle 1 Month 12 Month 24 Month 36 Month
Hostinger 235.00 INR inc. Tax 1304.00 INR inc. Tax 

[Rs. 92/- month +18% Tax & Fees ]

2344.00 INR inc. Tax

[Rs. 83/- month +18% Tax & Fees ]

3108.00 INR inc. tax

[Rs. 55/- month +18% Tax & Fees ]

Siteground $19.99/month  $ 83.88 [$6.99/month ] $239.76

[$ 9.99/month]


[ $ 10.49/month]


After seeing the basic hosting plan of  Hostinger  & Siteground, there is not any major difference here, in both hostings plan some main key features are the same –


Only 1 website you can create here, There are no addon domain features, both hosting providing 10 GB disk space, free SSL certificate, and an Email account.


In the Hostinger hosting plan, you can create 2 subdomains.


After the conclusion, we saw there is not any major difference in hosting features but there is some payment difference –

Note –

The calculation is according to today’s dollar rate [ 1 United States Dollar equals=73.48 Indian Rupee, the date on 12 September 2020 ] and hosting plan The rates and hosting plan can change in a feature we are not responsible for that .please check it before buying and any payments.

If you buy for 1 month then the difference is  Rs.-1233/-, if you buying for 12 months then the difference is  Rs.-4859/-.if you buy for 24 months then the difference is  Rs.-15,273/-,  and if you buy for 36 months then the difference is  Rs.-24,640/-.

The price difference is too much between Hostinger & Siteground

All companies showed you attractive rates, so first you have to look at what is the time period for these rates. When you buying hosting for a long time like 36 months or more then you can get attractive rates.

Payment Option –

Siteground Payment Options-

Payment You can do by  Visa Cards, Master Cards, and American Express cards on Siteground. The amount is showing in dollars ( $ ) so If you are from India and are going to pay then please check the  USD dollar rate. when you pay your Indian money it will be converted into USD dollars by payment Gateway.

Hostinger Payment Options-

Hostinger has multiple payment options for Indian customers. You can pay here by Paytm, UPI payments, Net Banking, debit & credit cards, and PayPal.

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