Security apps | How to secure android smart phone you must know

Security apps

If you are a smartphone user, a lot of your personal information can be on your mobile. Your bank details, your personal details, contact details, all social media data. You have to must install security apps on your smartphone.

Think of someone else gets access to your mobile then what he can do with it. He can empty your bank account and much more.

You are always targeted at hackers. Don’t install any sensitive app on your mobile. If you want to safe your smartphone, then you should keep in mind the following things-

 Top 5 best android security apps | Keep your data private & secure

Always, You have to install apps from google play store don’t go through any unknown sources. it can be harmful to your android mobile. Google Play Protect checks all apps.

Best android security apps

There are a lot of security apps available on the google play store that keeps your android phone safe.

These security apps scan your mobile and eliminate viruses, identify malware, and eliminate that. Always keep your computer and mobile free malware.

1 Avast Avast Antivirus Scan & Remove  Virus, Cleaner
2 McAfee Mobile Security Antivirus, Wi-fi VPN & Anti – Theft
3 Kaspersky Antivirus Security, Virus Cleaner
4 Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
5 Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus


Use app locker & secure your android mobile

You can lock whatever app you want to lock on your mobile by app locker and secure your mobile apps

Top 3 best app locker security apps-

1 AppLocker LockApps-Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern (BGNmobi )  Install
2 AppLock DoMobile Lab Install
3 AppLock SailingLab: Focus on Security Booster, Cleaner Install


Use Strong Passwords

When you signup any sites, always create a strong password so that hackers can not log in to your account.

Don’t use your date of birth, nickname and your mobile number in password, you should be used for creating a  strong password like-

  • Lowercase Characters: ( e.g. abcdefgh )
  • Uppercase Characters: ( e.g. ABCDEFGH )
  • Special characters/ Symbols: ( e.g. @#$% )
  • Numbers: ( e.g. 123456 )

Always change your passwords periodically

Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA )

Enable two-factor authentication for your valuable accounts like banking sites, payment systems, and digital wallets.

Two-factor authentication provides a higher level of security in your accounts, by this you can login in two steps.
First by password and second by OTP login & you can add another login feature also.

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