What is the Meta Tag Description & How to Write Meta Description?

What is a Meta Tag?

The meta tag is a small description for every website/blog, page, and post. By this small description, you can judge, what is the content of the website/blog/page and post.

Whenever we search a keyword on Google, in Google search results we see links of web pages with meta tags or meta descriptions are written.

Meta Description
Meta Description

Website Traffic effect by the meta description-

A visitor visits our website only after seeing this meta description, therefore, a well-written meta description increases the number of visitors to our website.

Google ranking effect by the meta description-

Meta description greatly affects your website SEO and a well-written meta description is responsible for your website’s ranking on Google.

It has two parts-

  • Meta Tags
  • Meta description

What is the Meta Tag & How to create Meta Tags?

Meta Tags create with the help of meta description. First, we have to write the Meta description, after that with the help of HTML Tags we use this Meta description with HTML Tags in the HTML page.

There are many Free Meta Tag Generator Tools is available to create Free Meta Tags. You can visit  SEOptimer, Portent, etc..sites to create for the Free meta tag generator tool.

Meta tags are written or added to the head section <head> Meta Tag </head> of the HTML page.
Meta Tags

If you want to see the meta tag of any website, then right-click the mouse by visiting that website. ( or press Ctrl+U by keyboard ) There is you will see an option ” View Page Source ” just click on it.

What is the Meta Description & How to write Meta Description?

The Meta description is called also a site description. In the meta description, you must use some keywords.

How long should be meta description length-

The length of the meta description should be around 920 pixels. it must be 680 pixels for mobile. The meta description should be 50-160 characters and for mobile devices 120 characters.
If your site is in WordPress CMS, then you can use the Yoast SEO Plugin to write meta descriptions here. Yoast SEO is the best plugin for SEO.
Meta Description
Meta Description

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