Best Shared Hosting Plan | Only @ Rs.25/- | No.1 Best Hosting Plan

Web Hosting Plan

There is many web hosting plans are available on Google search result but which web hosting service provider giving to you the Best Shared Hosting Plan with all hosting features, it’s very difficult to search until less we can not use those hosting services.

You can’t use all hosting services for a check to hosting services otherwise you can west your money. Most web hosting plans are for 1 year.

Web Hosting Plan
Web Hosting Plan

Click here to know more about web hosting features – What is web hosting & Types of web hosting 

Before selecting any web hosting plan from any web hosting service provider, you should compare all its features. If you can do this properly, then you can save your money and you can also get the cheap shared hosting plan with many extra features.

Don’t worry about choosing a web hosting provider and hosting plan for your website. Here we suggest you after the research, compare, use, and reviews, the cheap and best web hosting plan for your website.

Top 5 Cheap & Best Shared Hosting Plan

If you are creating a normal website, then you do not need to take any expensive hosting plan. You can make a good website even with a budget hosting plan. For this, you need to compare some hosting service providers.

Here we will be the comparison 5 web hosting services providers’ shared hosting plan. So that you can select the shared hosting plan.

A shared hosting plan is cheaper than the rest of the hosting plan. If you want to know more about shared hosting,  click here- Shared Hosting

Features Bluehost Hostinger Herohosty Namecheap Globe host
Website 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website 3 Website 1 Website
Storage 50 GB 10 GB 2 GB 20 GB 250 MB
Bandwidth Unmetered 100 GB 100 GB Unmetered 10 GB
Park Domains 5 Unknown × Unknown ×
Sub Domains 25 2 × Unknown ×
Free Domains 1 × × Unknown ×
Email Accounts Unknown 1 × Unknown 5
SSL Certificate ×

Daily Malware Scan

Unknown × Unknown ×
Price ( Inclusive of GST ) Rs. 199/- mo. Rs. 73/-mo. Rs. 59/- mo. Rs. 116.94/-mo. Rs. 23/-mo.
Get Started Select Select Select Select Select


After the comparison of 5 shared hosting plans,

The Globe host shared hosting price is very cheap. But you can see where you are getting only 250 MB of storage space. This is not enough if you want to add some extra pages, plugins, or images to your website.

In that hosting plan, the SSL certificate is not included you have to buy an additional SSL certificate which coast is approx Rs. 1300 /- you have to pay extra.

SSL certificate is very important for the website. If you want to know more about SSL Certificate Click here-  What is an SSL certificate and How to Install an SSL Certificate.Name

Namecheap Shared Hosting plan to give you 3 website hosting in that plan and storage space 20 GB. SSL certificate is free here.

if we compare Herohosty and Hostinger hosting plan then here just a difference in storage, Mostly other features are the same.

Bluehost Shared hosting plan giving you 50 GB SSD storage space, which is enough for a normal website. In the Bluehost, the shared hosting plan you are getting some additional features. You can park here 5 Domains. and create 25 Sub-Domains for the website.

Now you can select one of them, which hosting plan is affordable for your website.

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Best Shared Hosting Plan | Only @ Rs.25/- | No.1 Best Hosting Plan

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